We accept teams for the following tracks:
The Foundance remote hackathon.
This is the hackathon to develop great ventures and make the world a better place with the help of the blockchain and AI. Can we find a framework, where AI and scientific power can support great venture building in a democratic, free, healthy, peaceful and educated world?
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All ventures will be supported by AI-driven co-founder.
If you already are a team of at least two, please use the team onboarding track. If you don´t have a team yet, we will allow you to build teams with other co-founders on the platform.


Each team has one presentation slot of 15min
Take part in that new journey and experience our contribution approach. In every cohort we have an impact category.
Grow together, Build together!


“Dear Co-Founders, this is our deal for you:
You prove yourself in a 2 week hackathon. You start now to build a team on chain until the 31st of May. You have an idea, join a team, create your own team or chose one of the projects offered. You execute a basic mvp with the help of ChatGPT. You present the pitch 15 min after 2 weeks in front of a jury of these people”


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