Your path to $125K funding from the soonami ecosystem

Grow your startup with us. Whether you're an entrepreneur who has already has an MVP in place or you just have a germ of an idea, we can help you with getting the right team, industry advice, infrastructure and of course funding. Our method for evaluation of startups in the AI or web3 space is through hackathons and we organize them at a regular frequency. If you haven't already, sign up for updates about our upcoming hackathons

soonami was born to support early stage founders and provide funding. The soonami ecosystem is designed to give founders the support needed to start and scale their venture.

Location and academic background are no longer constraints

When we see the news around the most successful tech startups, it is clear that the majority are from Silicon Valley, supported by large VCs and founded by individuals who either graduated or dropped out from Ivy Leagues. We're here to change that narrative. We want to support talented founders from across the world, whether or not you have a shiny resume.

We believe great ideas can come from anywhere, and that's why we make a great effort to encourage participation from across the globe for our hackathons. That is the primary method we follow to vet startups.

A look at the soonami ecosystem

If this is who you are, we're interested in your startup idea
The Founders
An individual or group of individuals who initiate, create, and lead a project, organization, or platform
The Co-founders
An individual who collaborates with other founders to initiate, create, and lead a project, organization, or platform.
The Freelancer
An independent professional who offers his skills and services to clients, projects, or organizations.
The advisor/idea giver
An individual who offers guidance, insights, expertise, and innovative ideas to help shape and enhance projects.
The Hackers
An individuals or teams who take part in hackathons & developer competitions, focused on creating innovative projects and solutions.
The Hackathon
Organization responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing hackathons and developer competitions

This is the way

Here's a snapshot of the soonami accelerator process



125k $
We invest $125k at 9% OR $25k for 3%, 100k for 6% in two tranches. If an external investor wants to invest into a soonami venture, soonami gets an option to invest 3% alongside at most favored nation terms.

Model benefits

Pitch deck
Business Plan
Tokenized Captable Management
Advisor Network
Upto 125K $ in Funding
Fully Remote

How can you increase your chances to get funded?

The 0-10 journey


On Foundance
Build your Foundance profile
Make separate profiles for yourself and your project on Foundance.
Get people from the community to follow your project. It counts.
Your Foundance profiles should be as detailed as possible. While it is not essential to be a registered entity or sign an on-chain agreement for the Venturethon bounty, to get funded it is essential to define ownership of your project.


Build out your MVP
Start shaping your MVP as soon as possible, with ideal contributors
If you're a developer yourself, this is easy for you. If not, work with good devs and have a working model of the product
Test the MVP with potential users and refine it
Show the MVP to us through a hackathon. The next one starts on Nov 27.


Define the product-market fit
Where are the buyers?
Scope out the market and competition
Start building a community with people who both want to contribute to your idea and have the potential to become future users
Have a realistic estimate of annual sales, profit margins. Basically, have abusiness model in place.


Become better
Product. Pricing. Promotion. Get it all right.
Test the product with the soonami community
Work with our mentors to refine your positioning and marketing
Find attractive ways to incentivize potential users to give you accurate feedback.


Show. Don't tell.
We invest $125k at 9% OR $25k for 3%, 100k for 6% in two tranches. If an external investor wants to invest into a soonami venture, soonami gets an option to invest 3% alongside at most favored nation terms.
Keep improving your development, based on mentors suggestions
After you get some traction for your product, we will get you a captable on Foundance
Sign the IP agreement and use your tokens to get freelancers to improve your project. Build out your MVP. After your website is ready, in 6-8 weeks you will get a chance to present to our Investment Committee.

We invest $125k at 9% OR $25k for 3%, 100k for 6% in two tranches. If an external investor wants to invest into a soonami venture, soonami gets an option to invest 3% alongside at most favored nation terms.

If you do not receive a funding offer, we might give you another chance to present your project to the Investment Committee at another time. Every project will have a maximum of two chances to meet the Investment Committee.
Your startup must meet the following criteria:

- Innovative Technology: The startup's technology effectively addresses a tangible user or customer problem in the realms of web3 and AI
- Team: A team comprises a minimum of two co-founders with complementary skills
- Marketing Potential: The market potential for the startup's solution is substantial, presenting an opportunity to build several unicorns in the space
- Competitive Edge: The startup possesses a competitive edge or unique selling proposition in its technology
-Adaptability: The startup demonstrates the ability to adapt to changes and advancements in the rapidly evolving web3 and AI landscape


Get an edge
Increase your chances of getting funded
Let high-profile advisors join your team
Produce a good product video
Have some testers on Foundance test your product
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