"It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen." -

Scott Belsky

The true value of an idea lies not solely in its conception but in the execution and realization of that idea into a tangible outcome or product.

Jury Members

The soonami Ecosystem can accelerate your 0-10 growth as a web3 or AI startup. You just have to commit to the hackathon to leverage it.
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Christian Sauer
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Duncan Ross
Group Chief Technology Officer
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If you're curious and collaborative, challenge the status quo and unleash the power of web3 and AI. They are much more than technologies and can help create the next revolution.
Participants will have access to mentorship from industry experts, thought-provoking workshops, and inspiring keynote speakers from leading tech companies.
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Marc Strigel
Group Chief Operating Officer
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Judging Criteria


The foremost criterion is innovation. Participants are encouraged to create solutions that are innovative and unique, setting them apart from existing market solutions. This means offering a novel approach or technology that hasn't been frequently attempted. Additionally, we'll assess how AI or web3 or ‘AI &Web3’  integration is leveraged to solve problems.


The team should consist of at least two co-founders and could be up to 5 members with diverse backgrounds.  We will be looking at the diversity of skill sets within the team, including technical, business, and domain expertise that fit the project.

Technical Competence and Quality

The solution should demonstrate technical competence and quality. Please check for adequate documentation, especially on GitHub, to ensure third parties can understand and follow the code.

Market Potential and Business Model

The solution should have a well-defined target audience and potential for growth. The business model should be well-defined, showcasing the solution's value proposition, monetization strategies, and scalability.

Participants are required to create a fresh repository, use open-source code as needed, develop a project with broad applicability (scalability), and focus on crafting a completely new feature or functionality they haven't worked on previously for their hackathon project. These guidelines aim to encourage innovation and collaboration during the event.

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