22 - 24 September 2023

FutureTech Hackathon:
AI and Web3 Solutions

Cohort 1 Soonami Hackathon
$23 K Prize Pool
Fully Remote

An opportunity to secure upto $125K funding for the winning team !

Apart from the prizes, the winning team will have an opportunity to get accepted in our accelerator program and secure initial funding from soonami.

Apart from this, with Foundance as the hackathon platform, you will join the most innovative and advanced founders' community. Foundance facilitates collaboration through an on-chain agreement, which helps regulate and reward contributors' efforts.


FutureTech Tracks : Web3, AI and Venture Building

We are looking forward to solutions that broadly fall in these tracks and give us the next best idea in the world of Web3 and AI.

Track 1  

AI/Web3 for Venture Development

Track 2

AI/ Web3 for Good

Track 3

Web3 and Identity

Track 4

AI-Powered InsurTech (Sponsor Track)

We're seeking visionary winners who embody the spirit of innovation, impact, and technical prowess across our diverse tracks. Whether you're venturing into the AI and Web3 fusion, leveraging tech for societal good, or redefining digital identity with Web3, winning projects will showcase inventive thinking, technical excellence, and a clear vision for real-world application. We anticipate winners to present solutions that address challenges head-on, deliver impact, prioritize user-friendly design, and demonstrate strong technical foundations. Scalability, collaboration, effective communication, and a commitment to making a difference are all vital aspects we look for in our winners.


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