The Ultimate Hackathon Manual" is your compass through the exhilarating world of hackathons. Whether you're a seasoned hacker, a first-time participant, or an organizer looking to orchestrate a successful event, this manual is your comprehensive guide to navigate the intricate web of challenges, deadlines, and creative bursts that define hackathons.
Register before March 15 to ensure your participation. Follow the provided instruction to join Foundance, our activity tool , and start your journey. Once logged in reach the event and click on the "Login to join Hackathon" button, to activate your participation ad start building. For any queries, reach out to us through the #support channel on our Discord.
March 11: soft kickoff
March 12: Team Building
March 13: Pitch your ideas and find teams
March 14: speed dating
March 15: Official Kickoff with rules, mentor intros, judges
March 15- March 24: Kick off and Hacking week
March 24 - April 2: Submission and Awards
April 2: Demo Day
April 4: Selection of Cohort 3
April 8: First Meet with cohort 3 selected teams
April 10 - May 22: Program for cohort
TBD: IC Announcement

For detailed schedule go here
Team Building
Use the Foundance platform
Simply create a profile and browse through the community members there. If you have a project idea already, you can upload it as well, you will get more exposure to the potential teammates. You can access the platform here.
Team Size
Each team needs to have at least 2 members one of whom needs to be a developer. Maximum team size is 6. If you are in the EIR track, max team size is 2.
Join the co-founder meet-ups before the event
soonami is organizing a series of meet-ups for co-founders. It’s a great opportunity to meet individuals from various areas, such as business, tech, design, startup mentoring, and investment.
Check out our schedule page for all events. We've also sent calendar invites for these. Ping us on Discord, if you haen't received your invites.
Join the Discord channel
We have an open discord channel for the participants, there is also a section where you can meet other participants looking for a team. You can join our Discord here.
Join the channel, say hi and look out for your team! Also please remember that you can always contact our team on Discord, for anything that you may need.
Original Work
Participants must create original work during the hackathon. Plagiarism or unauthorized use of others' work is strictly prohibited. Participants should disclose any open-source or third-party components used in their projects.
Intellectual Property
Participants retain the intellectual property rights to their projects. The organizers may request participants to provide a summary or demonstration of their project after the hackathon.
The Venturethon will have a specified timeframe for project development. Participants must submit their projects within the given deadline. Late submissions may not be accepted.
Equipment and Resources
Participants are responsible for providing their own equipment, including laptops, software, and any other necessary tools for development.
Submission Criteria
To qualify for the bounty, all projects must submit qualification requirements within the deadline on March 24. All team members should also have Foundance profiles.
1. Name of the project
A unique and catchy name for your project. This can be AI-generated on Foundance. Import your project to cohort 3.
2. Logo
A visually appealing logo that represents your project. This can be AI-generated on Foundance.
3. Description (150 words)
A concise and precise description of your project, outlining its purpose, features, and benefits.
4. GitHub Link Basic Documentation
A link to your project's GitHub repository with essential documentation, including installation instructions in the README file.
5. Pitch Deck + Pitching Video (3 minutes)
A pitch deck presentation that overviews your project, its goals, USP, a clear roadmap and how it addresses the hackathon track you have chosen.A 3-minute video presentation where you or your team members pitch the project, explaining its key aspects.
6. URL Link to Website (with Live Demo if possible)
A link to a website showcasing your project. Ideally, the website should have a working Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that judges can interact with.
Optionally, the website can be password-protected, and the password should be sent via email to hackathon@soonami.io
7. Live Demo Video (up to 2 minutes, optional)
An optional video demonstrating how the MVP works, highlighting its key functionalities.
8. Team Members/Project Roles
At least two co-founders are assigned as team members with specified project roles.
Profiles of team members on Foundance, a platform for showcasing team members and their roles.
9. Discord Handle of At Least One Co-founder
The Discord handle/contact information of at least one co-founder for communication during the hackathon.
Please note that fulfilling criterion #6 is ideal, but if it's not possible, #7 is compulsory. However, not
delivering #6 might reduce your overall score, depending on the jury's assessment of your project.
Compliance with Laws and Regulations
Participants must comply with all applicable laws and regulations during the hackathon. Projects or activities that violate any laws or regulations are not permitted.
Communication and Updates
Participants must regularly check communications from the organizers for updates, announcements, and any changes to the hackathon schedule or rules. Discord is the main communication platform. We will email you with the most important information, if you already have registered on Foundance.
Event Support
The Foundance team will be available to help for any kind of issues , to ensure a light and pleased experience. They will be available every day of the event from 8:00 till 16:00 CET.
Mentorship and Guidance
soonami ecosystem is there to support you through this journey. You are able to reach to mentors as many time as you like during the event. You will find a dedicated channel on the Foundance discord where to get in touch with mentors and schedule meetings.
Pitching and Presentation
A professional pitching is required form the selected project during the announcement day. The projects’ names will be announced in the  morning of the same day, just before the event, as we expect anyone to be ready to sell they idea as an unicorn!
Ethics and Conduct
You will be disqualified in case of misleading and non polite behaviours. We love transparency, collaboration and respect above professionality and great results. We aim for the best team to work with, thus any kind of bad reputation may implicate your event participation.
Post Event Activity
If you have been selected as a pitching team you have the opportunity to run for the first seed venturethon funding in the next 4 weeks post hackathon. Further mentorship sessions, advisory onboarding and on-chain agreement will be part of those activities.
Networking and Community
We are building a borderless environment to connect  people all around the world. Use this opportunity to compare your vision with others from other countries and expand your opportunities. There is so much value hidden behind that, let’s discover it!.
Resources and Tools
During the event you will be allowed to use external existing tools. We ask you a detailed list of the in use one, with real references of the project development.
Bounty payout
Check our Prize Pool page for prizes in each category. We payout the bounty amounts within 4 weeks of announcing the winners. You just have to share the required account details when our team gets in touch with you.
We have three leaders from soonami on the jury. For more details check out our jury page.
We know you might have a lot of questions about submissions, IPs, etc. Check out our FAQs section. Scroll to the bottom of this page.
We have an amazing set of mentors who are leaders in web3 and AI. To know more about them check our mentors page. You can interact with them on our Discord. They're there to guide you through the hackathon.