The manual is your best friend before and during the main event. Although we have a support team in place, we won't be able to attend all trivial matters Whether you're a seasoned hacker, a first-time participant, or an organizer looking to orchestrate a successful event, this manual is your comprehensive guide to navigate the intricate web of challenges, deadlines, and creative bursts that define hackathons.


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All your questions answered
What is the soonami venturethon?
The soonami venturethon is a week-long hackathon where teams from across the globe work on building their ideas in the web3, AI and tech space. Participants get support from soonami for forming teams and technical guidance. There are a set of industry experts who act as mentors to participants.

Individuals can devote as much time as their project requires per day. This will also depend on the skills and size of your team.  Each team consists of developers, marketers, planners, entrepreneurs, or any other type of contributor that you wish. There are no 1-person teams. Entry is free, and registration is open to all.

The aim is to create real-world applications that appeal to customers. There is also an opportunity for winning projects to be incorporated into the soonami accelerator program with funding upto $125 K. This is in addition to the $24000 prize money for the hackathon. More details can be found on our ecosystem page
Who can participate?
The hackathon is open to all. You can be a developer, entrepreneur, AI or Web3 enthusiast, student, marketer, designer - absolutely anybody who can contribute either technically or from a business perspective. However, this is aimed at serious individuals who want to contribute to something that could soon become a real-world project. Whether you have an idea and are looking for a team or are keen to work and are looking for teammates who have an idea, the venturethon is for you. Each team will need atleast one developer to build the tech side of the product. 
What are the dates?
Dates for the next edition will be announced soon.
What are the judging criteria?
1. Innovation 
The foremost criterion is innovation. Participants are encouraged to create solutions that are innovative and unique, setting them apart from existing market solutions. This means offering a novel approach or technology that hasn't been frequently attempted. Additionally, we'll assess how AI or web3 or ‘AI &Web3’  integration is leveraged to solve problems. 

2. Team 
The team should consist of at least two co-founders and could be up to 5 members with diverse backgrounds.  We will be looking at the diversity of skill sets within the team, including technical, business, and domain expertise that fit the project. 

3. Technical Competence and Quality 
The solution should demonstrate technical competence and quality. Please check for adequate documentation, especially on GitHub, to ensure third parties can understand and follow the code.

4. Market Potential and Business Model
 The solution should have a well-defined target audience and potential for growth. The business model should be well-defined, showcasing the solution's value proposition, monetization strategies, and scalability.

Participants are required to create a fresh repository, use open-source code as needed, develop a project with broad applicability (scalability), and focus on crafting a completely new feature or functionality they haven't worked on previously for their hackathon project. These guidelines aim to encourage innovation and collaboration during the event.
Do I need to register?
Yes! Register here when we announce our next Hackathon.
Is participation limited to new projects?
Established teams can compete under our second category ‘On The Fast Track’. The prize for this category is $5000. You will get to showcase your advanced projects, gain valuable feedback, and connect with industry experts.

 Our two other categories are - ‘New Ventures’ with a prize pot of $8K and ‘Open for Partners’ for which the prize amount is yet to be announced. Category 1 - New Ventures is for newly formed teams working in the areas of web3 and AI.

Category 3 - ‘Open for Partners’ is for partners and sponsors who would like to collaborate with soonami and get access to our community of developers and founders. Sponsors/partners have to define their category, bounty and judging criteria.
How do I join a team or find a team?
Join our discord, introduce yourself, and state your requirements. Our team will connect you to the right people. Every Hackathon we also has team-building events where we can help you find your team.
What information do I need to submit for my project at the end of the hackathon?

1. Name of the project
: A unique and catchy name for your project. This can be AI-generated on Foundance.

2. Logo: A visually appealing logo that represents your project. This can be AI-generated on Foundance.

3. Description (150 words): A concise and precise description of your project, outlining its purpose, features, and benefits.

4. GitHub Link Basic Documentation: A link to your project's GitHub repository with essential documentation, including installation instructions in the README file.

5. Pitch Deck + Pitching Video (3 minutes): A pitch deck presentation that overviews your project, its goals, USP, a clear roadmap and how it addresses the hackathon track you have chosen.A 3-minute video presentation where you or your team members pitch the project, explaining its key aspects.

6. URL Link to Website (with Live Demo if possible):A link to a website showcasing your project. Ideally, the website should have a working Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that judges can interact with.Optionally, the website can be password-protected, and the password should be sent via email to hackathon@soonami.io

7. Live Demo Video (up to 2 minutes, optional):An optional video demonstrating how the MVP works, highlighting its key functionalities.

8. Team Members/Project Roles: At least two co-founders are assigned as team members with specified project roles.Profiles of team members on Foundance, a platform for showcasing team members and their roles.

9.Discord Handle of At Least One Co-founder:The Discord handle/contact information of at least one co-founder for communication during the hackathon.

10. 3 minutes survey of your experience

Please note that fulfilling criterion #6 is ideal, but if it's not possible, #7 is compulsory. However, not delivering #6 might reduce your overall score, depending on the jury's assessment of your project.

Once  your submission is complete, announce it in our discord channel (general chat) with the project name.
Also, describe your hackathon experience with one line.
💫 My hackathon experience was ___
What information does the pitch deck need to have?
-A brief introduction of yourself and your company’s vision in the Web3, AI, or tech space
-The problem you’re tackling
-Your  solution that addresses the problem
-The size of the market, its potential for growth, and any emerging trends in the sector
-The role of your token, if you have one, and how it adds value to your ecosystem
-If it’s an existing project - any milestones reached, early adopters, on-chain metrics, partnerships, or other indicators of progress 
-Your key competitors and your differentiators, especially in terms of technology, security, and community
-Your financial outlook and funding projections
-Your ask from investors or the community (e.g., funding amount, partnerships, staking, or other forms of support).
Are there any events I can attend that’ll help me understand how to crack the hackathon?
Kick-off events and workshops usually start three weeks before the hackathon. We organize meetings where our team takes you through what to expect. We also organize workshops and masterclasses on developer tools and efficient ways to build products. Check our schedule page.
Are all participants and projects eligible for the startup investment?
Yes, all projects are eligible for investment. But it is usually only the winning projects that are considered for the soonami accelerator at the end of the hackathon. Selected teams will be invited to pitch to our investment committee post-hackathon and will be eligible for $125 K funding. Please refer to the ecosystem page for more details. 
What are the investment terms?
We invest $125k at 9% OR $25k for 3%, 100k for 6% in two tranches. If an external investor wants to invest into a soonami venture, soonami gets an option to invest 3% alongside at most favored nation terms.

Investment Criteria

Innovative Technology: The startup's technology effectively addresses a tangible user or customer problem in the realms of Web3 and AI.

Team: A team comprises a minimum of two co-founders with complementary skills.

Market Potential: The market potential for the startup's solution is substantial, presenting an opportunity to build several unicorns in the space.

Competitive Edge: The startup possesses a competitive edge or unique selling proposition in its technology.

Adaptability: The startup demonstrates the ability to adapt to changes and advancements in the rapidly evolving Web3 and AI landscape.

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